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About Airphoto3D.com

Airphoto3D has pioneered the technique of capturing 3D imagery from helicopters and airplanes suitable for lenticular printing

Aerial Photo Acquisition and Printing

Airphoto3D specializes in true stereo 3D photography, which includes acquisition from an airplane or helicopter and processing of the stereo imagery to make it suitable for lenticular 3D display media without glasses. We also print or coordinate with specialty printers to produce the product.  If you are a lenticular printer or lenticular production shop, we can work with you to acquire unique imagery for your clients.

About Lenticular Media

Lenticular media is very similar to regular print media, such as posters and postcards, but has the ability to display depth or “3D” naturally without wearing any glasses.  It involves printing multiple scenes onto the back of a special plastic sheet such that the viewer can change which scene they are viewing and even which eye is viewing which scene just by slightly moving their point of view. Effects such as 3D and animation, (flip, morphs, motion, and zooms) can be created with lenticular printing.  Lenticular media does NOT require any glasses to be worn by the viewer.  For more about Lenticular Media, visit lenstar.org

About Lenticular 3D Printing

3D lenticular printing is the subset of lenticular printing in which multiple stereo images are printed onto the optical lens so that each of the viewer’s eyes sees a different scene slightly offset from one another, and the resultant view has depth just like viewing in real life with binocular vision.

About 3D Stereo Imagery

The fact that we have two eyes offset from each other allows us to judge depth using binocular stereo vision. Seeing a scene from two slightly different perspectives independently in each eye allows the brain to accurately judge distance and depth of the various scene elements. We also derive depth and distance by other scene elements, such as shadows and relative sizes of objects, which is why we can judge depth in very distant views beyond our binocular vision’s effect, or on a computer screen, book, or in any 2D image.  But binocular stereo vision is the element that enables true quantitative depth perception; we can reach out to an object and pinpoint its depth.

About True 3D Photography

Depth perception using stereo binocular vision can be created in a number of ways, including imaging the same scene with multiple slightly offset views just like our eyes (True 3D), or using computer modeling of a single 2D scene (simulated 3D). At Airphoto3d.com we collect only True 3D imagery for the most outstanding presentation.

What makes us unique?

Most 3D lenticular production does not use multiple scenes acquired from slightly different perspective (actual stereo imagery) but rather models the scene using software and a 2 dimensional scene and applies parallax to the scene elements to assign them to different layers or depths. This technique has some advantages in that it can create 3D stereo scenes with just a simple 2D image and does not require capturing the scene with stereo camera equipment, but it has the disadvantage in that the scene does not have the true 3D depth and richness that a scene acquired with a stereo camera system does. For instance, a true stereo scene of a landscape can show each leaf of a tree with actual depth and detail, whereas a single scene modeled in 3D will show the tree either as a flat layer in the landscape or maybe as a spherical object, but each leaf will not be distinct in depth from the other scene elements as it was in real life. In true 3D stereo photographic scenes, you will experience richness unlike that obtained with 3D modeling of 2D scenes, such as glint, shadows, moving cars, waving flags, etc. Lenticular media does NOT require any glasses to be worn by the viewer.

Most of our imagery is actually 4D, in that it is 3 dimensional and also has an element of time built into the scene, similar to a very short 3D video.

What about 3D stereo photography, not lenticular?

We can also acquire aerial 3D stereo photography as distinct from lenticular 3D, just contact us. Most of our existing lenticular scenes on this website would be suitable for extracting non-lenticular true 3D stereo as well, although the acquisition methods can sometimes be different between stereo 3D lenticular and stereo 3D conventional. Contact us for more info.

What about conventional aerial photography?

All of our imagery is collected with high resolution digital cameras, and can be used for all the applications that conventional digital photography can be used for, such as the web, paper brochures, and prints of any type or size. We can include conventional imagery with any of our 3D lenticular imagery for your project, or acquire conventional imagery alone. Contact us for more info.

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